Mitchell Creek Rock 'N' Blues Fest


Eccentricity are a three piece rock covers band from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Featuring Marsh Wilkinson on guitar, Vici on bass/vocals and Otis Dixon on drums, the trio play a range of the most dynamic rock songs from the 70's to, like, whenever. But mostly from the 70's: from Led Zeppelin's 'Black Dog' to Lenny Kravitz' 'Go My Way', Golden Earring's 'Radar Love' to Baby Animals' 'Early Warning'. If it rocks, has an inspired guitar solo, an engaging melody with lyrics that move the soul, it goes in the repertoire and fills the whole show with adrenalin pumping good times.

Marsh first picked up the guitar as a farm boy in New South Wales, cutting his teeth on AC/DC riffs and Hendrix solos. With an unquenchable drive to make that guitar sing loud and divine, he has played on stages with possibly every muso on the coast at some time and place or another, from Dallas Frasca to Phil Emannuel.

Vici spent her youth in Melbourne, memorising the lyrics to an extensive library of radio songs and entire albums from the 60s to the 80s. As a child she improvised on the piano and wrote songs to satisfy her creative impulse from the age of 3. She joined her first garage rock band at 16 as lead vocalist before moving to Sydney and involving herself in the inner-city music scene. She continued to write songs on the piano, taking them to the streets busking and learning the ropes of stage performance at folk clubs and jam sessions and formed a duo with a friend who played the 12 string. She performed on stages from the Harbourside Brasserie to the Sydney Opera House. She later picked up the 6 string guitar and moved to the Sunshine Coast where she bonded with her first bass guitar, and with that she was finally able to rock a band the way she'd always dreamed of. While she'll still tinkle the ivories now and again, she hasn't looked back since taking up the bass, enjoying that special place in the band that bridges the divide between drums and melodic instruments, holding it all together, driving it along and, most importantly, rocking it up. Otis, being 20 years younger and so very talented on drums, brings a fresh vitality to the act and knows all the old classics better than most. Hailing from Tasmania with a radio DJ in the family, he has an intrinsic understanding of rock beats and fills that make him easily one of the best drummers on the coast.