Mitchell Creek Rock 'N' Blues Fest

Two Tears in a Bucket

Over the last three years, Two Tears in a Bucket have played and toured from Northern Queensland to Central Victoria strengthening their musical partnership adding new original songs and instruments and exploring all aspects of blues and roots. In 2017 they recorded their "Debut EP" adding Miss Jodie on Double Bass and Harmony Vocal and Matt Elliott on Drums. In 2019 they are planning to do an Australia wide tour taking the time to also write a new album.

Nathan Petersen is a journeyman songwriter. His street kid punk roots blend with his respect and understanding of traditional blues and roots. An astounding talent for slide guitar and many other stringed instruments Nathan sings and writes about what he knows best….surviving on the edge and having a damn fine time doing it ….

Michelle Fitness gets inside the lyrics to bring out an interpretation straight from her own soul…..from gutsy to fragile, ballsy to broken, called the female Robert Plant by the Bendigo Blues and Roots Festival committee, Michelle can conjure the full range of human emotion with a mighty vocal talent.

Together they are Two Tears in a Bucket