Mitchell Creek Rock 'N' Blues Fest

The Sunset Junkies

Sunset Junkies and their debut single ‘Inertia’ didn’t just come out of the blue. Each member of the band has earned their stripes in Australia’s music industry after years of hard work and dedication to their craft in an array of different bands, projects and genres. Singer, guitarist and main songwriter Byron Short has a storied history in both the Australian and U.S. music scenes, trying his hand at Pop/Rock, RnB, Blues and Americana over the years in what’s been a colourful recording career to date.

Bassist Jeremy Klysz is a stalwart of the Brisbane Blues scene and a much sought after session player. His experience in the industry has lead to a deep love of styles ranging from Blues to Punk to Metal as his tenure in Byron’s backing band in recent times has seen a great friendship and working relationship flourish. Jeremy’s stage presence is something to behold, bringing to mind Johnny O’Keefe, Iggy Pop and Flea in equal measure.

Byron and Jeremy are joined and complemented by Daniel Trickett, a frighteningly skilful drummer who has made his bones touring the world in metal bands supporting the likes of Sevendust, Cavalera Conspiracy and Drowning Pool. Daniel’s cool head and years of experience on the road have served the Junkies well in some tight situations on tour over the past year.

Their live show is incendiary, their credibility is unquestioned and now they are proud to present their bold new sound to the world in the form of their debut single ‘Inertia’.