Mitchell Creek Rock 'N' Blues Fest

Mitchell Creek Rock N Blues Festival is celebrating 50 Years of Aussie Music Legends!|MCK4793

6 June 2017

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It's buzzing with excitement at our HQ as we bring you legends from Aussie Blues & Roots from all around the continent to be together at Mitchell Creek Rock N' Bluesfest over one huge weekend this September.

Hailing from the sixties, these classic rockers have agreed to come to our humble paddock to put on an amazing, MASSIVE show not to be missed!

With CHAIN already announced, 50 years young this year and headlining our stage, we present to you the 'University of Blues'!

I'm looking forward to the 6th Mitchell Creek Rock 'N' Bluesfest and proud to report that additional shower facilities have been added to the property.

Now for the big announcement: sad to see my flip phone used for 5 successful years of the festival has been retired, looking forward to 2017!

Jimmy Budgen
Mitchell Creek Rock 'N' Bluesfest

The Foreday Riders

Often cited as Sydney's 'University of the Blues', the Foreday Riders celebrate 50 years as a working band in 2017. What began in the mid-60's as a loose association of school friends dabbling in electric blues developed over a year or so into a 7-piece band.

Only venturing sporadically into the recording studios, the Riders have released 10 albums, the latest being ‘Herding Cats’, launched this year 2016 and featuring the current line-up plus four guest performers. Over the past few years the Riders have re-issued on CD the 4 long unavailable albums from 1974–1986 (‘Days of Wine and Vinyl’ series).

Cyril B Bunter Band

In the 70’s, every Friday and Saturday night the Cyril B. Bunting Band would crank out set after set of their visceral blues and boogie in their own natural habitat, a working-man’s bar, named the “Welcome Inn”. For those that may remember, it was the first bar up from the docks, in the dirty end of Sussex Street, Sydney, known to the die hards as “The Buncha”. This small front bar would be jam packed, fit-to-bust: usually between two and three hundred bodies squeezed into a room that comfortably help 100 people. There was no stage, the band played on the floor hard up against the wall, eyeball to eyeball with the front row of fans just three feet away.

Bondi Cigars

When the Bondi Cigars were first gigging around Sydney, they moved in a Blues / R&B circuit which, while robust enough since the 60s, had then been sparked into new life by the ‘blues revival’ of the mid-80’s, spearheaded by Robert Cray, Joe Louis Walker, Stevie Ray Vaughan and similar crusaders. And while many of the Sydney bands from that era have vanished, become historical footnotes or undergone major changes, the Cigars – true survivors – have battled on, without ever compromising their distinctive no nonsense style, to become a leading force in Australian R&B.

That original Cigars line-up brought together four like-minded experienced players, all veterans of Sydney inner-west blues venues, and from the word go, as the 1990 tracks demonstrate, the Cigars have been the very model of the ‘no passengers’ band, a well-oiled machine plus soul: no room for slackers here. Always one of the country’s hardest working outfits (on the road more than off), the Cigars have kept their music tight, hard-driving and down – to – earth: the Australian bar band par excellence.


The originators of ‘Oz Blues’, Chain, have reached a milestone in 2016 as they celebrate 48 years since first forming in 1968.

They are still the only blues band in the world to have a number one on Australian charts (Black’n’Blue) as well as a number two (Judgement).

Together with singer Matt Taylor another number one (I Remember When I Was Young) & the double gold album ‘Toward The Blues’ ensured them a place in rock history.

With ‘Chain Awards’ honouring their achievements at the Australian Blues Festival (Goulburn) & as the first act listed in the new blues section of Screensound (National Archives) the accolades still continue.

Founder member/guitarist Phil Manning & singer/harmonica player Matt Taylor each have highly successful careers as solo performers, and are regarded as among the finest exponents of their respective instruments this country has produced.

Chain’s new material retains the earthiness of the 70’s while including the insights and musicality expected from a lifetime of experience in the blues genre. These songs feature on their latest album titled ‘Sweet Honey’, and continue the tradition of ‘Oz-Blues’.

Chain live is a great entertainment experience, and with four decades of albums & performances under their belt, it doesn’t get any better than this!

"Chain's influence on Australian music has been enormous. They are renowned for their onstage chemistry and for being unafraid to admit their Australianness." - Rolling Stone magazine.

Also Announcing

Stevie Paige

From the prestigious stage of the Melbourne Concert Hall as a classical guitarist, to the famous Beale Street in Memphis as a blues singer, Stevie’s career has been anything but typical. A graduate from the Victorian College of the Arts and with a post graduate offer to study at London’s Royal College of Music, the future seemed all but set. An unexpected encounter with a campus Blues band one night derailed this classical musician, and almost overnight the playing of concertos with orchestras was traded for a steel string guitar and stomp box. Today this Chain and Vic/Tas award winner is widely regarded as one the best blues voices you will hear anywhere in the world.

Belle Hendrick

Milan Hendrik EXP is fronted by Belle Hendrik, a soul, blues, and jazz singer who also plays bass and guitar. She has been lauded for both her solo music and her work with Milan Hendrik EXP. In the latter, a talented outfit joins the vocalist to craft an electrifying mix of blues and soul music unlike anything else in the independent scene. From start to finish, their new CD ‘Applegate Drive’ is a jaunt through passionate songwriting, masterful performance, and raw chemistry.

Mitchell Creek Soul Sisters

3 ladies with a swag of “Chain” awards between them, Liza Ohlback, Ali Penney and Belle Hendrik will be bringing some sweet Soulful Gospel back again to Mitchell Creek. With 3 incredible voices, stunning harmonies, driving organ and percussion supplied by soul brother Greg Ohlback – they will lift the roof and save some souls!!!

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