Mitchell Creek Rock 'N' Blues Fest

Jimmy Watts Big Band

Jimmy Watts is a soulful, grass roots, rocker and troubadour with a uniquely raw sound and a passion for performing live. A one of a kind gentleman of the road and a journeyman through and through; he is a truly memorable entertainer, an independent artist fixated on pushing the boundaries of his craft and forever evolving his sound.

He's intense and at home on the boards; and delivers his performances with great furious energy, tremendous heart, and heaps of spontaneity. Jimmy's guitar playing style is a furious assault on the beaten and bloodied bodies of his acoustics, slides and electric guitars; and his gravely, smoke filled vocals and roaring harmonicas only add insult to their injuries.

An addict of magical music moments, Jimmy has been hunting down music fixes on stages all over Australia for years. Based in Brisbane, he has released 2 long play albums, and 3 Ep's. The bands 6th release is due early 2017, and the band will be previewing the first single '10 Years' throughout an extensive Australia and New Zealand tour in Sep/Oct/Nov.

Watts' act is as versatile as it is entertaining, frequently playing intimate yet energised solo and duo shows, pumping power trio club gigs, and spectacular seven piece band festival sets. They embrace a tongue in cheek attitude both on stage and off, reflected in their outlandish stage costumes, weird video projections, and their humorous self made film clips.