Mitchell Creek Rock 'N' Blues Fest

Gypsy Rumble

Heralded as “Australia’s quirkiest and possibly first!!" Ukulele, Celtic/Folk, Reggae, Bluegrass band” the Gypsy Rumble has its roots in Celtic, world and bush dance fun. The band’s enthralling, highly energetic performances carry audiences back in time as the Gypsy Rumble blends showmanship, artistry and tradition.

This is a band that knows how to entertain. “If you can find the time to catch your breath from dancing these guys are just as fun to watch”

The Gypsy Rumble is made up of Captain Screechplank, One eyed Willie and Paddy Spudnips. It’s not uncommon for the uncommon to happen at a Gypsy Rumble show! Loose and free-spirited performances—you never know when they’ll bust out a zany instrument, dancer or circus act to raise a rumble with them.

The Gypsy Rumble’s origins lie by the banks of St Helens creek in Cameron’s Pocket, for it was there one morning through the mist that the haunting sounds of violin teased the air. On the side of the river roamed Captain Screechplank and her lover One Eyed Willie sipping on a coconut stout and foraging in search of fresh ale.

Paddy Spudnips had recently landed on the shores having sailed his boat from the shores of Ireland. He was in search of fresh potatoes when he came across One Eyed Willy and Captain Screechplank. Ale’s were drunk until all hours and the folk music only occasionally stopped for a Paddy to grab a fresh banjo. The Gypsy Rumble are coming to a stage or colosseum near you!