Mitchell Creek Rock 'N' Blues Fest

Dish Pan Hands

Brisbane Qld Based blues artist “Dishpan Hands” has a sound and feel like he was raised from the deep south on the Mississippi Delta, a sound rarely heard from a native Australian blues performer. Singer-songwriter Matthew Beagley has got it all in a tightly wound up in a professionally written and well-packed show.
With decades of sweat, blood and blues this young high school muso decided to broaden his knowledge of his craft by joining the many talented souls who embark on the journey to enrich their mind with music at Queensland University from here Matthew Beagley was the integrable part of local Blues / Rock Band “Scotch and Cider who served a hard 4-year pavement hitting, finger blister slog of gigs around SE Qld. With all the success of the debut Self-Titled EP, a new direction, a deeper ground roots sound and Dishpan Hands was created. Dishpan Hands constantly refined his sound creating unique roots and blues experience we all come to hear from the sweaty sticky street of New Orleans. 2018 seen the release of the first two singles “Shoot Glass Blues” and “Too Tired To Have The Blues” both written by Matthew Beagley (Dishpan Hands) with a massive response to both single thru the blues community, Dishpan hands have ventured back into the studio and is working on his next major release for 2021 Dishpan Hands are one of the elite blues and Roots artist to be touring the east coast of Australia with his live show been rated as high energy soul food for all lovers of music and has been referred to from his peers as a party dance interspersed with introspective blues hybrids, and his take on his favourite covers song is a simple love letter to all the musicians who have moved him through the years