Mitchell Creek Rock 'N' Blues Fest

The Hoochers


The Hoochers, fronted by the husky tones and sassy presence of Miss Jodie, incorporate slick and funky dance tunes with plenty of magical jamming moments.

The Hoochers are a concoction of experienced musicians from, or based around the North Coast of NSW.

One of the great joys in experiencing the Hoochers is to watch, and be drawn into their free flowing on-stage communication. These guys seem to be inside each other's minds and take every opportunity to break out of the formula and throw in a ‘moment’ – meaning that no two gigs are the same and spontaneity always prevails. Even better, this stuff is infectious – and you'll soon find yourself participating in the groovergy!

Each gig seems to showcase a different line-up of talented musicians, with the aim to ‘spread’ and ‘sprinkle’ elements of diversity and improvisation. The Hoochers are more and more taking their magical jamming moments to the edge, allowing the audience to see and hear the magic of making music. Great fun…

The Hoochers have a dynamic energy and a happening drive that's guaranteed to get your 'soles' a-tappin'. (That's jive talk for dancing!)

They dabble in a variety of music styles, including trad blues and swing, hard funk, folky rock, improvisational jazz, and fat grooves…culminating into what can be called…

Funkafide Blues

An assortment of new and old styles appealing to young and old alike.

Bound to get ya movin!!

These guys have musical roots in the Sunshine Coast area, dating back to Maleny Folk Festival (pre-Woodford) and the beginnings of the Blues Club at the Woombye Hotel in Qld, with followings as far south as Lithgow, as far north as Cairns and east to Byron Bay.

Their visits to any venue always spur a surge of toe-tappin 'hip-wigglin' jivers onto the dance floor.