Mitchell Creek Rock 'N' Blues Fest

Matt Taylor and The Black Cat Bone

Blues legend Matt Taylor needs no introduction. His contribution to the Australian Blues is monumental. Recognised internationally for being a founder of the genre in Australia, Albert Collins said of him: "You play the blues, but it’s like no other blues I’ve ever heard in my life”. Indeed that unique style of the Blues has become part of the Australian psyche, embraced by our popular culture as early as 1971, when Mushroom Records released their first Number 1 hit, “Black & Blue” with Matt Taylor fronting “Chain”, a much in demand band he still performs with today with the guitar Legend, Phil Manning.

Matt is a kind and unique soul, his fame far outweighing his ego and ambition. The music calls him and he responds in many different ways, from headlining festivals with Chain, recording solo records at his home in Perth or adding his influence to emerging artists, offering advice musically and personally. He is a storyteller and historian with ample experience to call upon.

Matt has performed with a golden list of musicians, supporting the cream of international bluesman, including B.B. King, Muddy Waters and Willy Dixon (who wrote Hootchie Cootchie Man). His Wikipedia site is impressive as it is comprehensive. 16 solo albums in addition to the albums from Chain, he was inducted into the WAM Hall of Fame in 2010 and he continues his Stella career today, just getting better and better as a bluesman, a vocalist and harp player.


“Black Cat Bone" is a new line up put together to especially to support Matt Talyor’s Mitchell Creek performance this year. In line with his ethos of ‘passing on the knowledge” his band is made up of youth and experience.


Matt Taylor - Vocals, harmonica.

Rob Heysome - Guitar

Amanda Emblem - Bass

Daniel (Taco) Bickerton - Drums

Matt will also be joined by other various special guests to perform his hits and a promises us a boogie that will last a lifetime!